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A disposal notification is posted once a recommendation for disposal actions has been made to a regulated agency by the Chief Archivist. You can view the appraisal report and disposal schedule attached to these recommendations, and make comments.

Only comments about the disposal recommendation will be assessed as part of this process. Examples of the type of information that impacts these recommendations are:

  • is there new information that you can provide affecting the disposal recommendations?

  • can you provide a new interpretation of existing information relating to the recommendations?

  • can you produce evidence that the appraisal did not give enough weight to existing information relating to the recommendations?

Additional information about the disposal authority can be provided by quoting the Appraisal ID number. To request more information please contact us .

To be notified when new intentions to dispose are posted, email us with the word ‘subscribe’.

Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Appraisal number


Appraisal type

Schedule transfer of destruction

General description

Drug Free Sport New Zealand is an independent crown entity established under the NZ Sports Drug Agency Act 1994 and continued under the Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006. Their primary task is to provide independent, high quality anti-doping programmes in collaboration with the New Zealand sports community. It carries out sports drug testing and education programmes on the issue of drugs in sport.

The appraisal report and disposal schedule identifies three classes of records as below:

  • Class 1 Governance

  • Class 2 Education

  • Class 3 Testing and investigations

Public notice date

Wed, 09/06/2021 (All day)

Comment due date

Fri, 09/07/2021 (All day)

Ministry of Defence

Appraisal number


Appraisal type

Schedule transfer or destruction

General description

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) was formally established on 1 April 1990 as part of the restructuring of Defence under the Defence Act 1990. The Ministry is responsible for providing advice to help Government make well-informed decisions about the Defence of New Zealand and its interests, purchasing major Defence equipment to meet the New Zealand Defence Force's capability needs, and assessing the Defence Force's functions, duties and projects, and how capability is delivered.

The report and schedule identifies the different types of Ministry-specific information and records in any format that MOD creates and receives pertaining to its functions. Five MOD-specific classes of information and records are identified:

  1. Governance and Strategic Management

  2. Policy Development and Advice to Government

  3. Building Defence Capability

  4. Assessing the Defence System

  5. Managing Relationships

Public notice date

Fri, 14/05/2021 (All day)

Comment due date

Mon, 14/06/2021 (All day)


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