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One step closer to a home for New Zealand's taonga
Concept video showing the plans for the new Archives New Zealand building Archives NZ 2020
How to find community held collections
How to find community held collections using the directory of community archives on our website Archives NZ 2020
How to view the National Collection of War Art online
A short video showing how to view the National Collection of War Art online Archives NZ 2020
Journey of a Document
A look at the digitisation process at Archives New Zealand Archives NZ 2020
Barry Brickell, Potter
A man alone, potter Barry Brickell lives and works on the Coromandel Peninsula. Here, he turns his wheel in the sun, working his own clay into shapes of strength and character. DV file of Beta SP telecine (tape 275) Colour 9mins, 35mm Director: Lynton Diggle Producer: Ron Bowie Producer: Geoffrey Scott Narrator: Alan Jervis Editor, Writer: David Jordan Sound: Kit Rollings This film may conta...
Weekly Review 441
ROPE MAKING Men and machines make miles of rope in a Dunedin factory. SHEEP DRIVE Once a year the sheep from the hilly Makara district are driven along the rugged coast to the outskirts of Wellington, and then at dead of night the flocks pass through the city streets to the saleyards beyond. This film may contain content that is racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. The content reflects the a...
How to open a digitised record
Want to view a digitised record on Archway? This video will show you how. Archives NZ 2020
This is New Zealand
One of the National Film Unit’s crowning achievements – the sweeping 3-camera shot over Aoraki to the rousing chorus of Sibelius’ Karelia Suite is known to bring a tear to the eye. Produced to showcase New Zealand at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan, it was Geoffrey Scott, National Film Unit manager, who suggested his team secure three cameras together, in the absence of a cinemascope camera. The film ...
Welcome to the Conservation Laboratory
Curious about the work that goes into conserving and protecting archives? Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at some of the conservation work we do that allows our taonga to be digitised and made available to the public. Archives NZ 2020
Primeval Survivors
The tuatara is the sole survivor of a reptile species that has been extinct for 135 million years. This nocturnal creature which once lived world-wide, is now confined to a few off-shore islands in New Zealand. Tuataras grow up to 60 cm (two feet) in length, live to 150 years of age and have survived virtually unchanged since primeval times. The film is set on tiny Stephen's Island, a wildlife ...
A look at the lighter side of refuse collection, follows a team of rubbish men on their round - and what they tell us proves the old saying that every trade has its secrets. Director CHRIS MANGIN Photography DALE POMEROY Sound DON REYNOLDS Song ROGER McVEAGH Producer DAVID H. FOWLER Executive producer GEOFFREY SCOTT DUSTIE This film may contain content that is racist, sexist or otherwise offe...

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