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We have hundreds of thousands of digitised records available for free through Archway, our online search tool. Digitised records are created through two main avenues - our Digitisation Programme, and digitisation requested and paid for through our digitisation on-demand service.

The Digitisation Programme is an in-house production focused on digitising whole series or sets of records. Digitisation on demand is a user-pays service whereby anyone can request and pay for a record to be digitised, effectively moving that record up in the queue for digitisation. Any open access record digitised in full is then ingested to the Government Digital Archive and made available online through Archway.

Making records available digitally means they are exposed to less wear and tear from transport and handling. This helps us to extend the life of the memory government for future generations. It also means they can be accessed online, from anywhere at any time, making them a valuable resource for researchers worldwide.

The information below lists the series we have digitised by topic:


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