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All guides for managing information under the Public Records Act 2005 and the mandatory Information and records management standard 16/S1.

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Guidance on determining access status for information and records

Administrative change

Guidance on managing information and records during administrative change

Appraisal of information and records

How appraisal of information and records can be used to benefit your organisation

Appraisal process

Guidance on the evaluation of an organisation's functions and activities in relation to the management of its information and records

Appraisal statement

Guiding principles for identifying and assessing the value of information and records

Audiovisual storage

Advice for the storage and handling of audiovisual material

Authority to retain public records in electronic form only

Grants general approval to retain public records in electronic form only after digitisation

Best practice guidance on digital storage and preservation

Guidance for information managers on digital storage and preservation

COVID-19: Disposal authorisation for response records

Guidance on managing records created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: Request to information management practitioners

We'd like to hear how information managers are meeting the challenges of COVID-19

Care of motion picture film

Information on the care and storage of motion picture film materials


Guidance on understanding checksums and when to use them

Cloud services

Information and records management considerations when implementing cloud services

Destruction of source information

Guidance on the destruction of source material after digitisation

Digital transfer

Overview of how we manage digital transfers on a case-by-case basis

Digital transfer case study

A case study presenting findings from the first end to end digital transfer to our archives

Digital transfer initiation

Our expectations of characteristics for digital files ready to be transferred to us

Digital transfer preparation

How an organisation can assess their files in preparation for transfer

Disposal action - Transfer

Understanding transfer as part of disposal

Disposal authorisation

Guidance on disposal authorisation under the Public Records Act 2005

Disposal of information and records

Benefits of authorised and regular disposal under the PRA

Disposal process

Guidance on disposal under the PRA and the disposal authorisation process

Disposal statement

Guiding principles for the appropriate management of disposal under the Public Records Act 2005

Education and training providers

Providers of education and training in information and records management

Effective information and records management

Managing information and records effectively within your organisation

Executive sponsor - Roles and responsibilities

Guidance on the roles and responsibilities of executive sponsors

File format migration

What to consider if files need to be migrated to different formats

File formats for digital transfers

File format requirements for digital transfer

Five year audit schedule

The five year audit schedule for public offices

General disposal authorities

Classes of common corporate records that do not require further authorisation for disposal

High value and high risk

How to identify and document high risk high value records

Implementation guide

Guidance for implementing the requirements of the Information and records management standard

Information and records management capability

Understanding an organisation's information and records management capability

Information and records management policy development

Guidance on creating an information and records management policy for an organisation

Information and records management standard

A mandatory standard to assist organisations in meeting their obligations under the Public Records Act 2005

Information and records management strategy

Guidance on creating an information and records management strategy for an organisation

Information assets

Guidance on the identification and management of information assets

Information assets - Identification and management

Identifying and managing information as assets by assessing value and risk

Information management during COVID-19

Managing information is vital for organisations to successfully implement and coordinate their COVID-19 response – here are some challenges to consider.

Integrated information and records systems

Processes and practices for integrating information and records management systems

Key definitions

Definitions of key terms used throughout our guidance

Key obligations - Public Records Act 2005

Guidance on the key obligations under the Public Records Act 2005

List of protected records for local authorities - Notes

Explanatory notes for local authorities protected records

Maintenance of public archives

Instruction to approved repositories on the maintenance of public archives

Metadata for information and records

Types and uses of metadata relating to information and records

Methods of destruction

Suitable methods for authorised destruction of information and records

Microsoft 365

This guide is designed to assist public offices and local authorities in adopting Microsoft Office 365 services.


Responsibilities for monitoring information and records

Outsourcing business

Requirements for information and records when outsourcing business functions and activities

Physical storage and preservation of protected information

Instruction to local authorities on the protection and preservation of protected records

Protected records for local authorities

List of of protected records relating to local authorities

Public access

Public access requirements to information and records under the Public Records Act 2005

Public offices subject to the PRA

A lits of public offices subject to the Public Records Act 2005 by organisation type

Public sector archival selection statement

Establish the selection principles underpinning the selection of public archives

Regulatory statement

Describes our approach to our regulatory role

Requirements for metadata

Minimum metadata required for information and records

Resources for community-based archivists

Learn more about the assistance and guidance available to community-based archivists


The process of applying a disposal authority and its actions across an organisation's information and records

Storage of physical records

Requirements under the Public Records Act for the storage of information and records

Taonga Tuku Iho

Māori knowledge and information and Māori metadata

Text messages and other communications

Guidance on managing text messages as required by the Public Records Act 2005

The importance of checksums

Why checksums are necessary for digital preservation and types of checksum tools

Transfer process

Guidance on the requirements and processes for transferring public records to Archives

Transporting your transfer

Guidance on transport for records transfer to our archives


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