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We are refreshing our audit programme for public offices in late 2020. Monitoring government organisations’ information management (IM) practices helps assure the New Zealand public that:

  • government is open, transparent and accountable by making public sector IM practices known to the public;

  • full and accurate records are created and maintained, improving business efficiency, accountability and government decision-making, and in turn, enhancing public trust and confidence in government.

Audits help ensure that public offices are:

  • delivering high-quality information to decision-makers, other government organisations, customers and stakeholders;

  • enabling continuous improvement within a rapidly changing environment;

  • taking proper care of information by creating and managing it well so that they can trust it, understand it, find it and protect it; and

  • facilitating safe and lawful sharing across government.

An audit is a point-in-time view of core IM practices that recognises an organisation’s operating environment and IM challenges. It is also an opportunity to show an organisation’s IM strengths and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

Section 33 of the Public Records Act (PRA) confers the audit function on the Chief Archivist. The audit programme is part of our leadership role in regulating IM across the government sector under the PRA.


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