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In our recent blog post, The Monitoring Framework - what's coming up? we mentioned the return of the annual survey of public sector information management. Read on for more information about the survey and the date!

Why we are reinstating an annual survey

The survey results will deliver a longitudinal picture of public sector organisations' information management (IM) performance. This means we can identify risks, challenges, opportunities and emerging trends sector-wide. The results will feed into our ongoing monitoring and reporting activities, enable us to identify gaps in advice and guidance to the sector, and plan future service delivery. The survey will be delivered annually with similar questions year-to-year, so we can track progress and improvement over time. Regulated organisations will be able to use the survey as a self-assessment tool to gauge their IM performance against the rest of the sector and track progress.

Why it matters

We want to make the management and standard of government information more visible and transparent. The survey will help us to meet Commitment 10 in the Open Government Partnership's Third National Action Plan. This commitment supports trust in government by developing a new approach to monitoring, including reporting how well central and local government is managing information. We intend to publish the raw data from the survey on Additionally, our report on findings will identify organisations who have responded, as well as those who haven’t. We’ll also identify areas of the sector that are performing well and those where improvement is required. Our commitment is to monitor the effectiveness of regulated organisations’ information management practices and to lift performance to ensure accountability.

What we have done so far

The Monitoring Framework team together with an Internal Reference Group (a selection of Department of Internal Affairs experts in survey design and analytics, and staff from throughout Archives) developed the first survey draft. Recently the draft online survey was tested by a group of information management staff from public offices and local authorities. Useful feedback was provided, and we are now finalising the survey based on that feedback. Thank you to those who gave us feedback – we really appreciate it.

We have communicated to Executive Sponsors that the survey is coming soon and the importance of their support in ensuring that it is completed. Executive Sponsors will be sent an email invitation link to the survey. They are responsible for organising a collaborative response.

We are counting on your participation!

The survey is mandated for public offices through a direction to report; however all regulated organisations are strongly encouraged to participate.

So please save the date: the survey will be rolled out on 17 June 2019 and will be open for three weeks.

Any questions or comments at this stage please send to our email

Originally posted on the Records Toolkit 20 May 2019


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