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Our annual Survey of public sector information management is live! Public offices and local authorities are invited to report on the state of their information management, with responses due by 8 July 2019. Executive sponsors will have received the invitation to participate and are responsible for coordinating the response for their organisation.

Our most recent annual survey on government recordkeeping was rolled-out in 2010. Responses to the current survey will help us to re-establish a baseline and form a current and accurate picture of the performance of public sector information management in 2019.

We will report the results of the survey later this year and highlight the key findings in the Chief Archivist’s Annual Report on the State of Government Recordkeeping 2018/2019. We will make the analysis relevant to the regulated organisations, and to the New Zealand public. This is one step in furthering our aim of ‘Enabling trusted government information’.

The survey is the first component of our new monitoring framework to be implemented, and it will inform the design of the new audit programme. For more information, check out the Monitoring Framework page . Please get in touch if you have any questions by sending an email to


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