Guide to Indexing Passenger Lists

Index New Zealand Passenger Lists from the comfort of home log onto //, click on indexing Indexing - Getting started, Try test Drive or Getting Started Try a test drive, each project looks different, There is no test drive for NZ Passenger Lists. Download the software, Put the Family Search Icon in your task bar as a reminder Sign in or Create an Account Some key points, Pick the New Zealand Projects. Choose simple level for 8 field indexing. Choose Intermediate level for 23 field indexing. Read the tip of the day Download a Batch, If you wish, set your own goals and check your accuracy after arbitration. Index available information, Click 'Control B' for fields when there is no information. Read instructions for each field to the right of the screen Filling multiple fields. Enter available data or click control B to enter Blank or across the first row of the template. Right click the mouse and click on ditto fields below in the drop down box for those fields where the information is the same for all rows. Save batch for later. Click on the save icon. Your batch will be saved for future indexing or checking. Submit the completed batch. Clcik on the submit icon.

Next step - Quality Checker, Correct or accept the spelling of the item in pink Hard to read letters. Click on the icon to bring up a letters chart Keep the guide available. Thank you for the help making these passenger lists name searchable through the FamilySearch website.