Remote Research


Archives New Zealand offers a Remote Research service to assist researchers preparing to visit or unable to visit our Reading Rooms.

We are happy to provide, at no charge, basic information about our collection, how to use our electronic finding aid ARCHWAY, and whether or not we might have certain records.

However, all searches for records (and copying) require the pre-payment of a research fee, to be paid whether or not the search is successful.

Starting Research at Archives NZ

To focus your enquiries, you may need to undertake background research with family members, at local libraries and archives, or online.

Archives New Zealand has published  Research Guides and Info Sheets for parts of the collection. Our website also provides information. However the main way into the collection is our electronic finding aid ARCHWAY, at

Note that Archives New Zealand has four offices and that some records, especially land, court and primary school records, are held regionally.

Making an Enquiry

Our website offers the possibility of a brief online enquiry, but email or letter is often a better method: particularly where some part of the enquiry needs explanation. Enquiries by telephone are welcomed, but may need to be followed up by email or letter.

In any enquiry you should give your full name, your postal address, and contact details such as email address and telephone number.

We try to respond within 15 working days of receiving an enquiry, but during times of high demand, we may not be able to meet this deadline.

Contact details for the four offices of Archives New Zealand are to be found in the adjacent column.


For research conducted by an archivist on your behalf we charge a standard half hour search fee of NZ$50, up to a maximum of one hour ($100).

We are able to do a maximum of an hour of research for an individual client at one time. If more extensive research is wanted you may need to visit the relevant Archives New Zealand office, or employ a private researcher, or spread your research out over time.

Charges include the search, up to 20 scanned or photocopied pages, and postage if needed. More such copies are $1 per sheet. High quality digital images are more costly.

Once payment is received, the standard turn around time is up to 15 working days, subject to demand.

Archives New Zealand can accept payment by cheque, credit card or money order. Cheques should be made out to ‘Archives New Zealand’ and sent to the appropriate office.

Credit card payments can be made through the online credit card payment system Archives New Zealand now offers researchers. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard only.

To use this service you will need to contact us by email to confirm what you want searched for. Then we will allocate you a unique reference number and email you an online link to pay for that specific request.