Pre-ordering Archives Before You Visit

If you are a registered reader at Archives New Zealand you are able to pre-order records before you visit through our online finding-aid Archway

In order to successfully pre-order you must:

If you have any special requirements, are ordering a restricted record, if the record you wish to order is not available for ordering or you have any questions please contact us using the general enquiries form. If you have any non-research enquiries please use the appropriate email on our contact page.

New Zealand Defence Force personnel records (Archives Reference: AABK 18805) are some of our most frequently consulted records. These records comprise paper and microfilm and, due to the potential for them to be damaged, the original records may not be viewed. The nature of the original records, the large number of orders and the relatively poor quality of the copies has prompted us to look at alternative copying methods and we will now be providing digital copies which are available on Archway.