Ordering Archives in our Reading Rooms

To request archives in an Archives New Zealand reading room you must first register as a reader. Please make sure you have identification with you for the registration process. Upon registering you will be issued with a reader card that will enable you to order archival material for viewing.

Access to the Archives New Zealand online finding aid Archway can be made through the computers provided in the reading room. These computers are also used to order archives up to the reading room using the 'order' button and your reader number in Archway. Paper based finding aids and card indexes for some archives are also provided. Staff will give you a tutorial on the systems after you have registered.

Allow plenty of time to find, order, and read your documents. Archives are retrieved between 9.00am and 4.30pm and requests take approximately 60 minutes to reach ‘Held Out’ status. Five items can be 'Held Out' at a time, and these items can remain 'Held Out' for no longer than one week before being returned to the repository. To receive items you have ordered give your surname to staff and your archives will be brought to you. Boxes, volumes, and items with loose pages, such as probates, will be issued one at a time.

Written permission to view restricted archives must be obtained by a researcher and be given to Archives New Zealand staff prior to requesting the items.

Some records are restricted for preservation reasons; please see staff at the help desk for advice on viewing these items.

Ask for help

The staff in the reading rooms are there to assist and advise you in your research. Do not hesitate to ask for help but please be aware that the staff cannot conduct your research for you.