Preparing for a Visit

Before visiting an Archives New Zealand office:

  1. Consider your topic or subject of research. Are government records going to deal with your topic?
  2. Consider which government office or offices may have dealt with the subject of your research. Who may have created records that are relevant to your research?
  3. Consider which Archives New Zealand office may hold records from that government office. For instance if you are looking for court records from the Dunedin High Court these are likely to be held in Archives New Zealand’s Dunedin Office.
  4. Consider whether there are other sources of information on your topic. Some sources may be easier to locate, such as published information held in libraries. 
  5. Gather information on your specific topic. Your research will be improved by bringing as much information with you as you can, such as names of people you are interested in, dates of events and places of events.
  6. Search Archway to determine if Archives New Zealand holds records relevant to your search.
  7. Consult the Archives New Zealand Research Guides and the Reading Room Information Sheets for information regarding our holdings and the reading room procedures.