Archives New Zealand has changed how it answers research enquiries

July 18, 2017

Enquiries about the reading room service and finding, accessing, searching and copying records held at Archives New Zealand will now be registered and responded to through the RefTracker system.

By using this system researchers can send new enquiries, check and update their current enquiries, and review past requests lodged from within RefTracker.

To send a research enquiry fill out the request form. Enquiries can be sent to any of the 4 Archives New Zealand offices by using this form. The form can also be accessed from the "Do it online" section on the frontpage, and from our contact page.

Enquiries about recordkeeping, transfers and standards issued by Archives New Zealand should still be sent to the recordkeeping advice email.

Non-research enquiries for any of the 4 offices of Archives New Zealand can still be sent to the addresses given on our contact page.