International Review Group for Recordkeeping Standards

What is the International Review Group?

The International Review Group (IRG) is an advisory committee set up by Standards New Zealand. It is New Zealand’s main liaison with TC46 SC11. TC46 SC11 is the International Standards Organisation technical subcommittee on archives/records management.

What does it do?

The primary purpose of the group is to advise Standards New Zealand on how it should vote on international standards and other documents produced by TC46 SC11. The group also liaises with IT-021, which is the joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee on Records and Document Management Systems.

Why do we need it?

The IRG helps to ensure that New Zealand views are considered when international standards on archives/records management are developed. The goals of the group are:

Who is involved?

The group includes representatives from a range of organisations – both public sector and private sector. The members include:

The convenor of the group is Andrea McIntosh.

ISO TC46 annual meeting 2016

TC46 meets formally once a year, in different countries, and brings together top experts from around the world to share and exchange ideas and discuss technical content and the application of international standards.

The 43rd ISO/TC 46 annual meeting took place in Wellington in 2016 from May 9 to 13, which was the first time New Zealand had hosted this meeting.

Standards New Zealand, Archives New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand co-hosted the gathering which brought together as many as 100 senior-level domain experts in their field representing more than 20 countries. The group broke into smaller subcommittees and working groups at various times and locations throughout the week. In addition to the formal meetings, several social events were organised where delegates mingled informally to discuss topics of mutual interest.

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