ISO 15489: International Standard on Records Management

What is ISO 15489?

The International Standard on Records Management, ISO 15489, was launched in October 2001 at the Association of Records Management and Administrator's (ARMA) International Conference in Montreal. The Standard was developed by an international committee and is strongly based on the Australian Standard on Records Management, AS 4390-1996: Records Management.

What is its purpose?

ISO 15489 was designed to meet the ongoing generic needs for recordkeeping in a business environment, and is of use in government and non-government organisations.

The standard has two parts.

Does Archives New Zealand endorse ISO 15489?

Yes. Archives New Zealand endorses ISO 15489 as a code of best practice for government recordkeeping. We have incorporated its principles into our Records Management Standard which was issued in 2014. This standard is a practical recordkeeping framework for the New Zealand State Sector.

Where can I get a copy?

Copies of ISO 15489 can be purchased from:

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