The Treasury

Appraisal number:
Appraisal Type:
Ad-hoc transfer or destruction
General Description:

This Legacy Appraisal Report is for a discrete set of records not covered by the Treasury's Disposal Authority (DA582) or Archives New Zealand's General Disposal Authorities (GDA6 & GDA7). 

  1. The Appraisal Report covers recommendations for :
  2. 1. Government Stocks - ledgers and card indexes
  3. 2. Government Stocks - Kodak mircofilm 16mm
  4. 3. Government Stores Board
  5. 4. Crown Law Office opinions
  6. 5. Transpower Establishment Board

There is no Disposal Schedule for this Appraisal Report.

Public notice date:
Wed, 19/12/2018 (All day)
Comment due date:
Fri, 18/01/2019 (All day)