New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

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Appraisal Type:
Ad-hoc transfer or destruction
General Description:

In March 2018 NZQA discovered 14 reels of acetate-based microfilm that had been stored in a locked cupboard for an unknown length of time.

13 of the 14 reels were able to be duplicated to polyester-based film, allowing for the recovery of the information contained on those films. On written advice from Archives New Zealand (dated 11 October 2018) those 13 acetate-based films have been sentenced for destruction under GDA 7, Class 1.3, and the new polyester versions will be retained as the authoritative master records.

Unfortunately, one microfilm reel was assessed by both New Zealand Micrographic Services (NZMS) and Archives New Zealand as being degraded beyond the point that it could be repaired or recovered. Based on the assumption that the label affixed to the tin was accurate, NZQA determined that the unrecoverable film contained Junior National Scholarship results from 1906-1915. Under NZQA’s current approved Disposal Authority DA622, Class 7.3.1, records of this nature have been appraised as having archival value.

The intent of this appraisal report is to gain the Chief Archivist’s approval to dispose of one reel of degraded acetate-based microfilm that NZQA believes holds information previously appraised for transfer to Archives New Zealand under Disposal Authority DA622.

There is no Disposal Schedule for this Appraisal Report.

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Wed, 30/01/2019 (All day)
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Fri, 01/03/2019 (All day)