The Story of Our Logo


Our logo reflects what Archives New Zealand is about in the 21st century. These concepts include:

This is what our logo symbolises for us:

The two koru reflect facets of the natural world such as the waves of the sea and fern fronds found in native bush, both in close proximity of each other, yet, prone to the vagaries of the elements. They are a reminder that records too are just as vulnerable to the same elements.

The core of our logo reflects the importance and value Māori place upon people and their cultural heritage. The momentum radiating out from this core symbolises Archives New Zealand’s work to preserve and maintain our nation’s heritage and the memories from which growth and development stem.

Combined, these cultural concepts show the importance of preserving our stories, as they are in their original order, and as they should be. It is a story like no other, one without an end; it is our heritage, our nation’s continuum.