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Archway ‒ Digitised record access

February 21, 2017

The system used for viewing digitised material through Archway is currently experiencing some issues. As a result it may take longer than usual for some images to load and in more extreme circumstances may result in an error message.  

We are currently working on fixing this issue and appreciate your patience during this time.

Archives 2057 Discussion Document ‒ What you said

February 16, 2017

Last year we consulted with stakeholders on the Archives 2057 Discussion Document which described a potential future state, set out some strategic focus areas, and sought your views on key questions.

Wellington Repository Restrictions

February 16, 2017

Although the Wellington Office Reading Room of Archives New Zealand is open to the public once more following the November Earthquakes, access to some areas of the repository is restricted as shelving repairs are underway. If you place an order for a file we cannot retrieve, we will inform you as soon as possible that the order is cancelled. We are grateful for your patience as we work through the remaining repairs.