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 An exhibition of three constitutional documents that shape Aotearoa New Zealand

Wellington shelving maintenance

December 20, 2018

From January to June 2019 there will be a programme of shelving maintenance in Wellington that will impact access to some archival holdings. The work will result in the ‘rolling closure’ of storage areas – a small area will be closed for one or two days. You will not be able to order an item using Archway when a storage area is closed (you will receive a message that the item cannot be ordered when you submit the request).…

Findings from Regulatory Programme engagement

December 19, 2018

Archives New Zealand has released a report (PDF, 815.6 KBS) detailing the findings from the Regulatory Programme engagement undertaken earlier this year. The purpose of the engagement was to get our stakeholders’ views on what we’re planning for our regulatory role and a sense of where they think we should target our efforts, so that we undertake the right activities.

To read more view the Findings from Regulatory Programme engagement page.

The Community Archive

November 15, 2018

Archives New Zealand has been working on preserving the integrity of the Community Archive website. The result of this work means that the ability to edit the information about the collections that are listed is not available to those responsible for the collections (contributors) until further notice. Archives New Zealand staff are able to perform some editing functions on behalf of the contributors.